Will you be releasing DLC for the multiplayer?

Yeah, I think we’re going to announce that as we get a little closer to the launch and stuff, but we’re assessing that right now – what our options are as we get closer to launch. The maps I’ve played through almost feel like skirmish maps really – how much can the multiplayer bring to the third game in terms of plot?

There are lots of little different adventures you can do inside the multiplayer. They’re all focussed on Horde-style gameplay, so in terms of how it effects the plot: just little story elements that are scattered throughout it and stuff, and
you’ll get a sense of what else is going inside this galaxy of war beyond just
what you’re learning in the single-player campaign.

And you mentioned Horde – just playing the map demoed here today, it does feel a lot like that Gears of War style with an enclosed map and enemy waves. Is that the case throughout all the modes and maps in the multiplayer?

Yeah, every map is really meant to accentuate something a little bit different;
something a little bit unique, to find different enemies that are randomised
through it and stuff. So we’re trying to change it up a little bit and give
people the chance to try different things. People have their favourites…

I was thinking the other day about why this wave-based co-op has become so popular these days. Is it because the technology has opened up to make it easier to do, or is it more of a fad?

Yeah, I think there are technology reasons for it. In fact you can do one map 
really well – let’s iterate on it – things like that. There are networking
latency things – people are never so far apart so you’re not having to hold it
all together. Yeah, I think that’s fair to say.


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